PoM has been released and early results are favorable. Now, I need your help. As a self-published author (proudly displaying the publishing world’s scarlet letter), the best way to gain visibility for my books is from you, my reader.  In all reality, that is the only thing I really care about anyway. If you don’t like it, what’s the point?

What I need, actually, what I am dependent on, is your assistance. If you like PoM, leave a review. Positive ones are greatly appreciated. I read them all. If you really like it, tell a friend and have them tell a friend. That’s the only way I can keep writing, and I desperately want to keep writing. I have three books already mapped out. One, is the follow-up to FoM and PoM called Cross of Man. The second is the genesis of the tactical warfare group – 2iE. It’s explained in PoM. The third is an unnamed prequel that features Dolan and Leary in 1999. If we get PoM sold, I promise it won’t take me 5 years to get one of these out.

So there it is. I need positive reviews and word of mouth. Thanks for your support.