Hi everyone,

Haven’t posted in a while. Sorry about that. The Autism clinics have been absorbing all my time. We have opened a new one in May and another coming in December. That has put a crater in my writing time. Some of the really nice posts of late have got me itching to write again.  Here is where we are at, and by we, I mean me. I have three books in process right now.They all share characters from Fabric and Point in one way or another.

Book #1, is Cross of Man, 5% complete. Last book in this trilogy. I am working slow on this because, I need more love for Point. It has been under expectations revenue-wise at this point (pun intended). I’m worried this genre is fading? Perhaps the new Dan Brown book coming out in November will kick some life into it. I’m just worried no one cares and the literary world has held its nose since I self-published.

Book #2, is a spin off of the intel/drone concept warfare center introduced in Point called 2iE (Identify, Isolate, Eliminate), 10% complete. This is a new vs. old school warfare thriller that juxtaposes the difference in personality styles of today’s military. Five non-military people are recruited to 2iE to wage cyber war, millennial style.

Book #3, is a totally different off the shelf psych thriller, Weak until Impact, 45% complete. Ambitious lawyer dies in a fiery car wreck. Suicide or accident? As an investigator pieces together the data, we journey through the last week of the lawyer’s life, who is a psychological train wreck. It is pretty dark and has big surprise/twist at the end.

That’s where I am at. You can tell how I am leaning, but you tell me which one you want.